Working on my Off The Cuff

I have been working on my Off The Cuff- Playmaker Block of the Month quilt. I started this quilt nine months ago but you can still sign up here and start any time.

This is the inner portion of the quilt.

Right now I am working on the braided border. I really wanted to learn how to do the braided border and I really love it.

It really does take a lot of starts and stops adding each braid but I am using starters and stoppers so I’m really getting two for one.

Before I add the braided border I will have to add this border.

It is going to be a big quilt (93″ by 93″). I am getting excited to get it done but definitely will not have it done in the nine months. That braided border is going to take some time.

In some non-quilting news, I saw this out my bedroom window the other day.

She was eating the seeds knocked out of my bird feeder.

The best part at U.P. Haven.

Its football Sunday so Go Pack Go!

Hope you all get some quilting in the week.

Happy Quilting


This and That

I’ve been busy this past week. I entered these two quilts in the Marquette County Quilter’s Association quilt show called Autumn Comforts.

As you can see there are no ribbons on my quilts.

The first place winner in the applique category was this beauty by Sheree Gembolis of Ishpenming, MI. It is called Summer Sampler designed by Erica Kaprow and framed machine quilted by Karen Samford.

The first place winner in the pieced by machine is the beauty by Susan Liimatta of Marquette, MI called Stargaze. It is made of 192 pieced 3″ Ohio Star blocks.

Here is an interesting Gypsy Wife by Bonnie Hoyle (Janeshek) of Iron Mountain, MI. designed by Jen Kingwell and frame machine quilted by Holly Johnson.

I have also been busy around U.P. Haven. I completed my backing for my Feathers Quilt.

That is one big bird finishing at 48″ by 48″. While I was making it I kept thinking how scared I was when I watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds”.

I also gave Jadin a little bling.

Looking forward to my return visit with family and friends in Milwaukee next weekend.

Happy Quilting.


It’s been a while

I know it has been a while since I posted. I need to get into a routine but that is something I have been trying to avoid since retiring. Lance and I have continued to work on the home here at U.P. Haven. We have now painted the kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms and one bathroom. We still have our bedroom and bath to go. Next summer we will work on the outside.

I have been doing some quilting. I finished the Feathers quilt top. It was a class I took at 906 Quilting Services in Iron Mountain.

I really like it. I am toying with the idea of making one of the birds into a 48″ by 48″ block for the back.

I will not have my studio built this year. I am rethinking even having one built. It really is a lot of money. My plan now is to have my longarm, Ava, in the house in the winter and in the garage in the summer. This will involve storing our dining room table in the winter so that I can move our high-top table to the dining room. This will leave enough room in our living room for Ava sized down to an 8 foot table instead of a 12 foot. In the summer Ava can return to her 12 foot glory in the garage.

I have other quilts in the works that I will post about soon. Hope you all get some quilting done this week.

Happy Quilting.


Feathers and More

I have been working on my Feathers blocks. Here is a flock of my birds on the design wall.

I have been using a few new techniques.

First I have been using glue in the seams to hold the pieces together instead of pins. One the pieces are sewn together, I do a double press, once to press the seam to the side, then I use a paint brush to brush Best Press directly on the seam and press again. It leave a very, very flat seam. I saw this on The Quilt Show.

I also made a cute little curtain for the smaller bedroom.

I have also been doing a little knitting. I finished these socks. They look weird but fit.

The last bit of news I have is that the contractor came out today. It looks like my studio is a go. I’m waiting to hear back on the estimate but I think we will be breaking ground soon. I’m so excited.

Hope everyone gets in some quilting this weekend.

Happy Quilting from U.P. Haven

Snowflake BOM

The Snowflake BOM is coming along. I think I am going to finish this baby up in the next couple of days.

Today is the Spinning Spools quilting bee. I will continue to work on my EPP stars.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Happy Quilting,


Off the Cuff – Playmaker Block of the Month

The design wall is mounted. Here is my Off the Cuff – Playmaker Block of the Month by Victoria Finely Wolfe. It started in March 2019 and will finish in November of 2019. It is an interesting quilt and fabric selection and not something I would ever put together myself. I thought I would try to expand my horizons. I must admit though I don’t really get the quilt yet. It appears to me to just be a random set of blocks and fabrics thrown together.

In addition to the four blocks that are needed to complete the inside of the quilt there is a braided boarder that goes around the outside of the quilt. I’ll post pictures when it is done and maybe I will feel different about the quilt once it is done.

I finally made it to the senior center to meet the quilt guild that meets there – Spinning Spools. They meet every Wednesday between 1:00 and 4:00 with one official business meeting on the first Wednesday. A very nice group of ladies. Several of the ladies I meet are only here for the summer though. I still need to check out Norway’s quilt group that meets once a month on Monday nights.

I can officially say I am a Yooper now. Cars registered in Michigan, Michigan driver’s license, registered to vote and most importantly I now have a library card. Life is good here at (1) U.P. Haven, (2) Haven 906 (the area code), or (3) Yooper Haven. What do you all think?

I hope everyone is doing something they enjoy this week.

Happy Quilting