Snowflake BOM

The Snowflake BOM is coming along. I think I am going to finish this baby up in the next couple of days.

Today is the Spinning Spools quilting bee. I will continue to work on my EPP stars.

Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Happy Quilting,


Off the Cuff – Playmaker Block of the Month

The design wall is mounted. Here is my Off the Cuff – Playmaker Block of the Month by Victoria Finely Wolfe. It started in March 2019 and will finish in November of 2019. It is an interesting quilt and fabric selection and not something I would ever put together myself. I thought I would try to expand my horizons. I must admit though I don’t really get the quilt yet. It appears to me to just be a random set of blocks and fabrics thrown together.

In addition to the four blocks that are needed to complete the inside of the quilt there is a braided boarder that goes around the outside of the quilt. I’ll post pictures when it is done and maybe I will feel different about the quilt once it is done.

I finally made it to the senior center to meet the quilt guild that meets there – Spinning Spools. They meet every Wednesday between 1:00 and 4:00 with one official business meeting on the first Wednesday. A very nice group of ladies. Several of the ladies I meet are only here for the summer though. I still need to check out Norway’s quilt group that meets once a month on Monday nights.

I can officially say I am a Yooper now. Cars registered in Michigan, Michigan driver’s license, registered to vote and most importantly I now have a library card. Life is good here at (1) U.P. Haven, (2) Haven 906 (the area code), or (3) Yooper Haven. What do you all think?

I hope everyone is doing something they enjoy this week.

Happy Quilting


Morning Walks

I have been trying to walk 3 miles everyday for a week now. It’s relatively peaceful although I do get some traffic. Sometimes when I walk and start to think about things I look down. The other day I was doing that when something drew my attention.

He was only about 5 feet from me. We stood staring at each other until a car came by and scared him away.

Today I found these two.

Not a good picture. That’s a momma and baby deer.

Sometimes I get planes flying overhead. They fly pretty low.

I love all the wildlife around here and really enjoy my walks.

I have some quilting news. Its not up on the wall yet but the design wall is built. I love it.

These are my 6 inch blocks for the Moda Modern Building Block Quilt. I hope to post my progress on my block of the months very soon.

Happy Quilting.


A Class

I stopped in a quilt store in town called 906 Quilting. They have a longarm service and lots of classes and other gatherings. It is a mother/daughter operation. I meet Kathy, the mother, who could not have been nicer. I am going to the open sew on Thursday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Kathy says they have a nice group of women who come to the open sewing. I am also going to sign up for one of the classes. It is based on a pattern by The Pattern Basket called Feathers. Here is the pattern.

I am going to do the birds in a layer cake by The Laundry Basket Quilts called Bed of Roses. Click on the link to see the fabrics in the collection.

I picked this for the border.

This for the binding.

And this for the backround.

Today I got a call from Edyta Sitar herself explaining to me that she no longer had the fabric I wanted for the backround and did I want to (1)place the order without it, (2)cancel the order, or (3)she would pick something else out that she thought would work. How nice is that. Of course I said she could pick something out. Can’t wait to see what she selected.

The class starts on August 16th so I have time to get the fabric. I hope I meet some friendly, local quilters although no one can take the place of the wonderful quilters I left behind.

I have been able to get some quilting in and will post pictures as soon as my design wall is up and running. For now, I hope everyone is getting some quilting in.

Happy Quilting.

Patti (maybe)

Why maybe. Because I am trying to get a Michigan license and so far I have not been able to get my birth certificated because I am not legally Patti. I might have to get a name change by the court. I will write about this when I get it all straightened out.

It’s Here!

Oh Happy Day

Isn’t she a beauty. Ava should get her new home in the fall. Can’t wait. Now to get a design wall and some quilting done.

I am still trying out names. I like Tina’s idea of having Haven in the name. Since I have more than one craft interest perhaps Craft Haven. But that really doesn’t apply to the rest of the property. Haven in the Woods. Too long? Perhaps, but its growing on me. What do you all think.

Happy Quilting.


Stepping into Retirement

Without a dedicated sewing room, I have been very active. Here are my Fitbit step totals since Saturday, July 13;

Saturday 17,484

Sunday 19,149

Monday 9,288

Tuesday 16,732

Wednesday 10,979

Thursday 15,337

Friday 9,901

Saturday 13,101

That’s crazy. 111,959 steps since retirement. That’s approximately 55 miles. I think my feet are trying to get back to Milwaukee.

It rained today so we were not able to paint the baseboards in the garage. It should be nice tomorrow so hopefully we will have the room done early next week. Still need to register the vehicles and get Michigan driver’s license.

Hope you get some quilting in this weekend.

Happy quilting.


I need a name

I have been able to get a little hand sewing in. Working on making these 45 degree diamonds. I got the paper pieces at Paper Pieces LLC.

Shown here on my brand new floor.

This is my box of diamonds.

Can’t wait for my temporary design wall so I can lay these babies out and start playing.

Speaking of temporary spaces, we should have my temporary sewing room done by Sunday. I will post pictures when it is done.

In the meantime, I think I need a name for my house here in the U.P. The garage is named Moose Feathers and I plan on naming my studio when it is finished so I think it fitting that the house have a name. Any suggestions, please leave in comments.

Hope your having a great quilting week.

Happy Quilting