Next Up


I started cutting out my fabric for my next quilt from the 12-Pack Quilts called Bobbins.   This will be the third quilt I will be making from this book so I thought I would explain how this all came about.  In November of last year my mother passed away.  She owned a house in Iron Mountain, Michigan that I now own.  It is a small house and I come from a big family so shortly after my parents bought the home they added a garage with a loft that has  3 queen size and 3 twin size beds.  So I have all theses beds to make quilts for.  Luckily my co-workers gave me a gift card after my mother passed away to spend on myself as a comfort and Patched Works in Elm Grove was starting a once a month Moda University club.  So I used the money to join the club and this year they are covering all twelve quilts from the book.  I don’t need all  twelve but I do hope to finish six by the end of the year.

For this quilt I am using another Moda Fabric line called Treehouse Club.


Aren’t they lovely.  This will be the back round fabric.

back round

I love the way the little dots in the back round fabric mimic the little dots in the Moda fabric.

Oh by the way.  In addition to the six quilts I’d like to make for the beds, I need to fit in a baby quilt.  I will be a grandmother for the seventh time in December.  This is going to be a good year!




4 thoughts on “Next Up

  1. Woohoo I love the fabric … if the pattern is anything like the last quilt it is going to be amazing! A baby quilt?


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