Free Motion Quilting

I free motion quilted this piece of ice dyed fabric for a friend.  It is a piece I won during a drawing when I attended MQX Quilt Festival– Midwest in Springfield, Illinois last year.

top 2

Because of the organic nature of the ice dyed fabric I didn’t want to quilt the piece too formally.  I love the free-flowing quilting.  Here is the quilting from the back.

back 2

The backing was an old linen cloth that has a design on for embroidery.  My friend plans on having friends and family that come over to her house to sign and date the back.  What a great idea.

If you would like to try your hand at ice dying this is the book that came with the piece of fabric.  I haven’t tried it yet but hope to in the near future.


If you would like me to quilt for you contact me at  Hope you’re getting time this weekend to do some quilting.






4 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting

  1. Patti thanks for doing such a great job on this … I loved the cloth before it was quilted and now .. I LOVE it even more.


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