Bobbins Quilt is Done

I finished another quilt from the 12-Pack Quilts.  I am learning about each quilt from the book during Moda University at Patched Works.  This one is call Bobbins.


Here is a close up and a picture of the back.  I did a lot of ruler work on this quilt and used two 80/20 Quilters Dream Batting.

It is a very heavy quilt but that’s okay because I hear the winters in the U.P. can get very cold.

Thanks for all who posted about my Field of Dreams quilt being accepted into Quilt Expo.  It did not place but it certainly was in good company.  The quilter who took first place in my category was Bethanne Nemesh.  If you are a Star Member of The Quilt Show you can see her on September 23, 2017.  Her quilt was a beauty.

Hope you get some quilting in this weekend.






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