Time Flies

It is amazing how the days just fly by without even noticing. It has been 41 days since I last posted on this blog and for the life of me I cannot tell you what I have been doing quilt wise. I know I put together a baby quilt top that still needs to be quilted and given when the new grandchild arrives late November early December so no pictures yet but here’s a little sneak peek.


I worked on some charity quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. If you don’t know who they are here is a link to their website. I received 4 quilts the middle of September. I have finished this one.

And this one.

Don’t you just love that backing.  It is “anastasia” from the Alexander Henry Fabric Collection.

Other than that my quilting has been to a minimum. I have spent a lot of time doing this.


Traveling to and from the place up north almost every other weekend.  That does not allow for a lot of quilting. I did knit two hats though.

Hopefully with the colder weather that is coming our way I will get more time in the studio. I just seem to be in a funk. Not really knowing what I want to work on next. Finish a UFO or make any other quilt for the beds up north.  Maybe that should be a subject for my next most.  Hopefully sooner than 41 days.


Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Patti, don’t be too hard on yourself! You have finished a lot of quilts this year, plus quilted for others. And you are still working. Your quilting looks great!


  2. Your quilting just make those quilts spectacular! I too feel in a funk. Have lots of tops that need to be quilted and told myself I cannot strart a new project until I do one!


  3. Wow. I love your color choices. And I’ve been a fan of Alexander Henry forever. He designed a wonderful spooked fabric way back that I used in John’s Halloween quilt.


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