Star Stepping

So in a quest to get out of my funk I have decided to finish some UFO’s.  Right now I am working on a quilt I started in 2001.  I probably would not have been able to figure that out for myself but there was a receipt in with the fabric from then.  I do remember starting the quilt though.  It was a mystery quilt I started at a quilt guild in Shawano, Wisconsin.  My friend Jeanne Bronikowski was teaching it and she asked me if I would go with her.  Here are the blocks I had done that day before I put it away never to be unearthed until recently.

star stepping blocks

I have been playing with layouts in EQ8.  This is the one I think I am going to go with.

stepping stars

I have to make a few more spinning star blocks and then make the  rest of the connecting blocks.  I’m  excited about finishing this quilt and moving on to other UFO’s.  Thank you Jeanne for all you have done for me and other quilters.

I did longarm a quilt for Tina.  Can’t wait until I can show you the pictures.  It is beautiful.

Spend some time doing what you love today.




3 thoughts on “Star Stepping

  1. It is going to look great … remembering Jean .. she was so nice. I love my finished quilt as always you did a really good job on it …. thank you!


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