Busy Times

It has been a while since I posted and I must admit that May’s blocks are just a distant thought in my mind.  I’ve been busy updating my future home in the U.P.  So  I went from this


to this


Then I set up my own little sweat shop in the Moosefeathers (not to worry bar was still open)


And the finished cabinets.  I just love them.


A side by side comparison.



Now to add a black splash on the wall behind the stove and on the bottom by the sink.  I am thinking of using this


Then to paint.  It will be a busy summer as the whole house needs to be painted and I will be ripping out all the carpeting and installing wood like floors.

I have done some quilting though.  I am working on a graduation/off to college quilt for my granddaughter Hunter as she heads of to Madison.  Couldn’t be more proud of her.  Will post pictures when it is done.

Happy Quilting.


6 thoughts on “Busy Times

  1. All your hard work totally paid off .. it looks amazing. And .. the tiles you picked out are fantastic. Woohoo I am so very happy that are one more step closer to your dreams coming true.


  2. Nice job with your kitchen update, Patti! Looks great. Can’t wait to visit again – maybe we should have a curtain/valance/accessory sewing weekend.


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