Over the Labor Day weekend, I gave my Brother 6000i to one of my daughters.  That left me without a machine up north.  So I did a little research and decide to buy a Husquvarna Viking Jade 20 sewing machine.  Now if I was a little more nevarious I could have gotten this beauty for free.


How you might ask.  Well let me tell you.  My husband and I drove up to the Joann’s in Escanaba, Michigan on Labor Day.  I knew they had this machine.  We bring the box up to the check out.  If you can picture this the check out counter is on one side and a cutting table is on the other side.  The clerk works in the middle.  So the clerk is on the cutting side talking to what I believed to be a friend of hers.  She doesn’t ignore us long but it was a minute or two before she turns to us and says “We don’t sell those machines here.”  At first I think she is kidding because she had ignored us.  I start to say something and she says, “We don’t sell those here you can’t return it.”  Could have, would have, should have said okay and walk out the door.  But, of course I would never do that.  So I tell her yes you do.  Do you think she check us out then.  No my friends.  She has to check with someone to make sure they sell the machine.  Twice.  Needless to say she finally checked us out.  I couldn’t wait to get home to try it and I am happy to say I love it.  Quiet.  Beautiful stitches.  Jade and I will spend a lot of time together.

I will be posting some Patchwork Barn blocks shortly.  In the meantime here are pictures of Hunter’s quilt.



I quilted it with a pantograph from Urban Elementz by Natalie Gorman called Bossa Nova.

Happy Quilting



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