Honored and Blessed

I wrote a while back about how I entered an EQ8  design challenge.  Well I entered again in November.  This challenge involved fabric designed by Amy Friend called By Hand (scroll down) for Benartex.  There were three prizes.  One of them was an honorable mention picked by Amy Friend.  If you won you would get the fabric needed to make the quilt.

Here is my entry

And I’m sure you all guess it.  I won the honorable mention award.  I love this fabric.  It kind of reminds me of street art.

I can’t wait until I receive the fabric.  If you EQ check out the blog called Behind the Mouse.  I think they do the design challenge once a month although I don’t know if the prizes are always the same.

I am so honored and blessed to have been selected by the designer of the fabric.

Happy Quilting



2 thoughts on “Honored and Blessed

  1. OMGOODNESS that is fantastic .. I can’t wait to see the fabric it sounds great!! I know I’ll be jealous but that’s ok. Woohoo .. you go girl.


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