1.  the action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work.
synonyms: giving up work · stopping working · stopping work · retiral

2.  the period of one's life after leaving one's job and ceasing to work.
synonyms: life after one retires · retired years · post-work years

3.  the withdrawal of a jury from the courtroom to decide their verdict.

Today is officially my first day of retirement.  Ceasing to work.  Doesn’t really seem the correct definition for what I am about to embark on.  There are so many things to do it hardly seems like I’m not “working.”  And because of pensions and social security I will still be getting paid for my “work.”    So isn’t retirement merely a career change.   A career with better hours and a better boss.  A career that is flexible and can change with a person’s desires and interest.  A career that can be rewarding and fulfilling.

I like the third definition.  The withdrawal of a jury from the courtroom to decide their verdict.  Isn’t retirement merely the withdrawal of a person from the rat race to decide what the meaning of life is.  Why we are here?  What we are suppose to accomplish? Where do we need to go?.   Aren’t those thoughts that should be deliberated on?  Shouldn’t one be stead fast and true and render a just verdict on one’s life and their place in the universe?  That to me seems worthy of “work.”

A little heady, I know.  To add a little quilting to my post, look at the marvelous quilt by co-workers made for me a long with my best work buddy in the whole world Beth.


Isn’t that a hoot.  Each one of them made a block to signify something about me.  I just love it.

So now its on.  Working on settling into the new place up north.  Many things to do including becoming an official Yooper by changing over my driver’s license.  The hubby and I are working on setting up a dedicated sewing area until my studio can be built.  Plus we are still trying to combine two households into one.  Many challenges there.

Hope you all have a happy Monday.  Get some quilting in if you can.

Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “Retirement

  1. Patti, I know you will love being retired! Can’t wait to see what you do with your quilt studio, and of course looking forward to visiting. Best wishes on this next phase of your life!


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