Morning Walks

I have been trying to walk 3 miles everyday for a week now. It’s relatively peaceful although I do get some traffic. Sometimes when I walk and start to think about things I look down. The other day I was doing that when something drew my attention.

He was only about 5 feet from me. We stood staring at each other until a car came by and scared him away.

Today I found these two.

Not a good picture. That’s a momma and baby deer.

Sometimes I get planes flying overhead. They fly pretty low.

I love all the wildlife around here and really enjoy my walks.

I have some quilting news. Its not up on the wall yet but the design wall is built. I love it.

These are my 6 inch blocks for the Moda Modern Building Block Quilt. I hope to post my progress on my block of the months very soon.

Happy Quilting.


5 thoughts on “Morning Walks

  1. Good for you on that daily 3 miles! You’re getting to see all kinds of flora and fauna. Love the design wall.


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