Off the Cuff – Playmaker Block of the Month

The design wall is mounted. Here is my Off the Cuff – Playmaker Block of the Month by Victoria Finely Wolfe. It started in March 2019 and will finish in November of 2019. It is an interesting quilt and fabric selection and not something I would ever put together myself. I thought I would try to expand my horizons. I must admit though I don’t really get the quilt yet. It appears to me to just be a random set of blocks and fabrics thrown together.

In addition to the four blocks that are needed to complete the inside of the quilt there is a braided boarder that goes around the outside of the quilt. I’ll post pictures when it is done and maybe I will feel different about the quilt once it is done.

I finally made it to the senior center to meet the quilt guild that meets there – Spinning Spools. They meet every Wednesday between 1:00 and 4:00 with one official business meeting on the first Wednesday. A very nice group of ladies. Several of the ladies I meet are only here for the summer though. I still need to check out Norway’s quilt group that meets once a month on Monday nights.

I can officially say I am a Yooper now. Cars registered in Michigan, Michigan driver’s license, registered to vote and most importantly I now have a library card. Life is good here at (1) U.P. Haven, (2) Haven 906 (the area code), or (3) Yooper Haven. What do you all think?

I hope everyone is doing something they enjoy this week.

Happy Quilting


7 thoughts on “Off the Cuff – Playmaker Block of the Month

  1. Yes. After hosting a brunch this morning for old Shorewood neighbors I’m now free to do what i want. What should it be. Start a 1000 pc zigsaw puzzle, work on quilting wild flowers quilt or start reading “Where the Crawdads Sing. A 7 day book. What will it be?


  2. Still just catching up since getting back from Seattle. It’ll be interesting to see how you end up quilting this piece .. it’ll be a challenge for sure. Love reading how you’re settling into retirement.


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