Feathers and More

I have been working on my Feathers blocks. Here is a flock of my birds on the design wall.

I have been using a few new techniques.

First I have been using glue in the seams to hold the pieces together instead of pins. One the pieces are sewn together, I do a double press, once to press the seam to the side, then I use a paint brush to brush Best Press directly on the seam and press again. It leave a very, very flat seam. I saw this on The Quilt Show.

I also made a cute little curtain for the smaller bedroom.

I have also been doing a little knitting. I finished these socks. They look weird but fit.

The last bit of news I have is that the contractor came out today. It looks like my studio is a go. I’m waiting to hear back on the estimate but I think we will be breaking ground soon. I’m so excited.

Hope everyone gets in some quilting this weekend.

Happy Quilting from U.P. Haven

6 thoughts on “Feathers and More

  1. The birds and curtain are soooo cute! You have been busy. Hope you still have decient weather and still get out to walk. So glad your plans for your room are coming along. Hope all goes smoothly.


  2. Love how hard you are working. Hurrah on the new studio. You’ll have to come to Milwaukee and reach us your new techniques. ie using the glue instead of pins.


  3. I’ve started using your glueing technique on a project and have to say .. Big thanks it is definitely the way to go with small piecing. Can’t believe how your flock of birds has grown .. they’re wonderful. Happy with the news that a studio is a go .. that is very exciting and you know we are going to want pictures.


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