It’s been a while

I know it has been a while since I posted. I need to get into a routine but that is something I have been trying to avoid since retiring. Lance and I have continued to work on the home here at U.P. Haven. We have now painted the kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms and one bathroom. We still have our bedroom and bath to go. Next summer we will work on the outside.

I have been doing some quilting. I finished the Feathers quilt top. It was a class I took at 906 Quilting Services in Iron Mountain.

I really like it. I am toying with the idea of making one of the birds into a 48″ by 48″ block for the back.

I will not have my studio built this year. I am rethinking even having one built. It really is a lot of money. My plan now is to have my longarm, Ava, in the house in the winter and in the garage in the summer. This will involve storing our dining room table in the winter so that I can move our high-top table to the dining room. This will leave enough room in our living room for Ava sized down to an 8 foot table instead of a 12 foot. In the summer Ava can return to her 12 foot glory in the garage.

I have other quilts in the works that I will post about soon. Hope you all get some quilting done this week.

Happy Quilting.


13 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Thanks for sharing your life. I miss you. I think your ideas of where your long arm can fit in is good. It takes being there to really understand how all will work. It’s called creativity in work. You inspire me. Let us know when you are in Milwaukee so we can get together with you and Tina.


    1. Forgot to add. Falls Quilters is having their auction on Wednesday, Nov. 6, 6:30 at Men Fall library. If you are still in town please come. Maybe Tina could join you. And, yes, we are having breakfast on Nov. 2, 8:30 at City Market in Whitefish Bay, on East Silver Spring. We’d love to see you!


  2. Love your bird quilt .. the soft colors that I’m sure look even more beautiful in person. It makes me very sad that I’ll in Birmingham during your visit it would have been a perfect opportunity to see you and the rest of the group 😢. I am however totally looking forward to sending time with Steven and Tisha. I hope you’ll get to see all the B Group ladies .. please give them each a big hello hug from me.


  3. Beautiful Patti, I love it!!! Sounds like you and Lance are just the painting machines, I have a few rooms that need painting 🙂


  4. HI Patti, Love the bird quit! Miss you like crazy but glad to hear that you are quilting which we all know means your happy! Beth


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