Working on my Off The Cuff

I have been working on my Off The Cuff- Playmaker Block of the Month quilt. I started this quilt nine months ago but you can still sign up here and start any time.

This is the inner portion of the quilt.

Right now I am working on the braided border. I really wanted to learn how to do the braided border and I really love it.

It really does take a lot of starts and stops adding each braid but I am using starters and stoppers so I’m really getting two for one.

Before I add the braided border I will have to add this border.

It is going to be a big quilt (93″ by 93″). I am getting excited to get it done but definitely will not have it done in the nine months. That braided border is going to take some time.

In some non-quilting news, I saw this out my bedroom window the other day.

She was eating the seeds knocked out of my bird feeder.

The best part at U.P. Haven.

Its football Sunday so Go Pack Go!

Hope you all get some quilting in the week.

Happy Quilting


2 thoughts on “Working on my Off The Cuff

  1. Seems this quilt has been really challenging .. so worth it. I love it!! That you can look out your window and see a little deer is very cool.


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