Tied Dyed Courthouse Step

I am participating in an online quilt guild run by Rebecca Bryan called Playful Colorful Quilt Guild. I joined it way before these crazy times but now it might be pretty fortuitous if my local guilds get cancelled. I am working on her Tied Dyed Courthouse Step quilt. The concept is to paint a square with watercolors and then use that as inspiration for your quilt colors. Here is my watercolor painting, my fabric pull and and my Courthouse Step quilt I did in EQ8. I had a little trouble matching my fabric colors in EQ.

I am making a miniature version of this quilt with the blocks finishing 4 inches so I am doing paper piecing. I like EQ8 because it creates the foundation blocks for me. No math! (Although secretly I love math.) With that said I did have some issues with the piecing. As you can see after I had my foundation block I labeled each log with the alphabet letter I assigned to each fabric. When I went to make the block though I didn’t realize I should have labeled them in reverse. (Think fusible applique pieces. You have to reverse your templates.) Plus I wasn’t paying attention to the orientation of the 3 small blocks in the middle.

Here is my first block. It is the last block in the bottom row on the right in my EQ quilt.

I really like this block and who will know it isn’t exactly like my corner block in my EQ8 quilt. Well you guys will. Hah!

What I am most grateful in this whole process is that I get to use all of the tools I have accumulated over the years. I did not need to buy a single thing to make this quilt. Yea me!

Yep that’s a 1/8″ add a seam. Not sure I have every used it before. I’m using that binding tool as a iron mat. I have never used it to make binding. Well at least not yet.

I will post more blocks as I get them done. For now I hope everyone is staying safe and not fretting too much about what is happening in our communities. I hope everyone gets to do something this weekend to calm their nerves whether it be quilting, reading, watching a movie with popcorn. Oh my! I have to go I got a lot to do this weekend.

Happy Quilting


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