Coming Along Nicely

My Tied Dyed Courthouse Steps mini-quilt is coming along nicely.

The governor of Michigan closed all restaurants and bars on Monday. Wisconsin’s governor followed suit today. There will be nothing to do up here but quilt. Its kind of a bad time of the year for this to happen. We are already all going stir crazy from all the snow this year. I’m hoping when all the snow birds return, which should be soon, they don’t bring the virus with them.

Everyone stay healthy and happy quilting.


4 thoughts on “Coming Along Nicely

  1. Patti, you must be feeling the confinement already as you dated your entry as March 18, 2020 and it’s only March 17, 2020!!! Keep quilting and be healthy!!!


  2. Can’t wait it next to the program version and of course your original watercolor! I love before and afters. Hope dad has a healthy hobby to keep him off the crazy train.

    Love you,


  3. Looks beautiful so far Patti!! Stay healthy and safe up there – hopefully the sun will heat up and kill this all for when those snow birds come back!


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