Sarah’s Menagerie

My daughter Sarah finally got her quilt so I can post pictures. I started this quilt in October and worked on it most of winter. I finished it in April.

It is Elizabeth Hartman’s Delightful Desert Pattern. I bought the kit on Ebay but don’t remember from whom. I really love it and more important Sarah loves it. She’s an animal freak.

Here is a close up. Yes we still have some snow piles.

Here are a few puppy pictures. Opus is really a good puppy. At least so far.

I got a new digital camera. So far I have only used the pre-program. Hope to learn manual mode soon. Here is a picture of a Blue Heron flying over our lake.

Hope you are all saying safe where ever you are.

Happy Quilting


8 thoughts on “Sarah’s Menagerie

  1. Love the quilt. I only did the baby quilt size of Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Forest. Loved doing it but what a work.


  2. That quilt is beautiful, Patti! I’m going to think about making her new Dinosaur pattern, but the number of pieces in each figure is a little intimidating! Opus sure is a cutie! We enjoyed our chocolate lab, and I’m thinking of another dog if we ever get back in our house. Stay well!


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