A month with Opus

Opus has been with us for a month. Here is a picture of him on the day we brought him home at 8 weeks and at 12 weeks. He was about 10 pounds when we brought him home. He is now 26 pounds.

Opus doesn’t like to walk which is really bumming me out. I need a dog to push me to walk everyday. Here is the way Opus looks at me when I tell him we are going for a walk.

He does like to sleep, play with this rope and eat out of his ball.

Since Opus sleeps a lot I was able to mount and hang my miniature quilt.

And put a quilt on Ava.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend.

Happy Quilting


4 thoughts on “A month with Opus

  1. Opus sure is cute .. and your mini quilt looks great. It must be really getting nice up by you now .. so happy we all survived winter. Your first full winter of retirement .. crazy right !!


  2. He is such a cutie! I think he will change his mind about walking when he is older. Labs just naturally want to get out there and sniff everything!


  3. So happy to catch up. And see you are doing well. Here too. So glad the weather is warming so I can be outside. I have all my plants potted on the patio. Love sitting out there reading a book. I quilt at least 1 to 2 hours every day. Love it! I need to seriously look at my budget and expenses and see when I can retire, or when they will retire me, since donations are obviously down. I work 8 hours every Friday and do about 4 more from home.
    Stopped at Patched Works yesterday to pickup fabric for the challenge projects. I texted them pictures of the colors I needed to match the project. I also gave them suggestions from their website fabrics. It went well. Then stopped and Lisa showed the bolts to me and cut the fabric. Took all of 20 minutes. Very efficient. I have all 12 months of the 2nd Saturday BB finished too.


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