EQ8 Challenge

I have EQ8 that I do not use as often as I like but I have been trying to fit it into my busy schedule.  Well EQ8 had a challenge.  You  download the Ki-Coo Gardens fabric collection by Laura Berringer for Marcus Brothers and design a quilt using that fabric line.

You can see the fabric selection here.

Here is my submission.

ki goo gardens

I rally like it.  How about you?

Happy Quilting



June, July and August

I did get a little behind on my Patchwork Barn blocks while I worked on my house up north.  I have now caught up.

Here are the June blocks.


My favorite is the one on the far left.  These blocks were tricky.

July blocks are up next.


I love the basket block.

August oh August.


The one on the left is my favorite.  The one in the middle gave me a run for my money.

Its now onto the middle barn block with its applique for September and then the borders.

I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Happy Quilting





Over the Labor Day weekend, I gave my Brother 6000i to one of my daughters.  That left me without a machine up north.  So I did a little research and decide to buy a Husquvarna Viking Jade 20 sewing machine.  Now if I was a little more nevarious I could have gotten this beauty for free.


How you might ask.  Well let me tell you.  My husband and I drove up to the Joann’s in Escanaba, Michigan on Labor Day.  I knew they had this machine.  We bring the box up to the check out.  If you can picture this the check out counter is on one side and a cutting table is on the other side.  The clerk works in the middle.  So the clerk is on the cutting side talking to what I believed to be a friend of hers.  She doesn’t ignore us long but it was a minute or two before she turns to us and says “We don’t sell those machines here.”  At first I think she is kidding because she had ignored us.  I start to say something and she says, “We don’t sell those here you can’t return it.”  Could have, would have, should have said okay and walk out the door.  But, of course I would never do that.  So I tell her yes you do.  Do you think she check us out then.  No my friends.  She has to check with someone to make sure they sell the machine.  Twice.  Needless to say she finally checked us out.  I couldn’t wait to get home to try it and I am happy to say I love it.  Quiet.  Beautiful stitches.  Jade and I will spend a lot of time together.

I will be posting some Patchwork Barn blocks shortly.  In the meantime here are pictures of Hunter’s quilt.



I quilted it with a pantograph from Urban Elementz by Natalie Gorman called Bossa Nova.

Happy Quilting



So May blocks are finally done

It’s funny how life gets in the way some times.  I have been very busy trying to get the place up north ready to move in.  If all goes well I should be retiring in 364 days.

The kitchen is coming together nicely.  Here are some before and after pictures.


I did get some time though to work on my blocks.  I got my May blocks done and some of June.

May blocks are as follows:


The bottom one is my favorite for May.

I also was able to finish Hunter’s college quilt top and its on Ava as I write.  I should be able to post June’s blocks and Hunter’s quilt soon

Hope you are getting time to quilt this summer.



Busy Times

It has been a while since I posted and I must admit that May’s blocks are just a distant thought in my mind.  I’ve been busy updating my future home in the U.P.  So  I went from this


to this


Then I set up my own little sweat shop in the Moosefeathers (not to worry bar was still open)


And the finished cabinets.  I just love them.


A side by side comparison.



Now to add a black splash on the wall behind the stove and on the bottom by the sink.  I am thinking of using this


Then to paint.  It will be a busy summer as the whole house needs to be painted and I will be ripping out all the carpeting and installing wood like floors.

I have done some quilting though.  I am working on a graduation/off to college quilt for my granddaughter Hunter as she heads of to Madison.  Couldn’t be more proud of her.  Will post pictures when it is done.

Happy Quilting.


April’s Patchwork Barn Blocks

My April blocks are done.  Each month I find a different block to be my favorite.   This month is the Churn Dash.  I have always loved this block.

I really like all the blocks.  Here are the other two.

The wind was blowing a little bit when I took the picture of the Thread Spool block.

This weekend I sew my Delectable Mountains quilt sewn together.  It finished at 73 x 104 so I will have to piece a back.

I will post pictures soon of the quilt pattern my granddaughter picked out for her off to college quilt along with the fabrics I’ve collected so far.

Happy quilting




Inspiration and Fun

I always love the first weekend of the month because I meet my peeps for breakfast on Saturday morning. It’s a great way to start the day with good food and lively talk. The talk is not always about quilting though it is always inspiring.

I didn’t work on my April Patchwork Barn blocks yet. Instead I pulled out some 10-inch triangles that I inherited from my good friend and mentor Jeanne Bronikowski, my she rest in peace in quilter’s heaven.


There were a few light triangles paired with dark triangles so I continued pairing the triangles. While I was doing that I realized that some of the triangles were from my stash. Then I remembered that we were in a triangle exchange together along with quilter from all over the U.S. I don’t know what Jeanne had in store for these triangles but I decided to make Delectable Mountains.  I still need to make a few more blocks and play with the layout.


Once the triangles were sewn together I trimmed them down to 8 inches because that is easily divisible by four. That left me with all these little scraps. I just love how little scraps look when they are piled up. They look so pretty I didn’t want to throw them away.


So? What to do with them. This!


Not sure what I am going to do with these babies, maybe coasters for the MooseFeathers.

It has been a great weekend. Next weekend will be starting out pretty awesome also. I’m taking a bus from My Material Matters to Rosemount for International Quilt Festival. It’s going to be so much fun.

Happy Quilting